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Stanford University 1 人
  University of Chicago 2 人
  Duke University 2 人
  Johns Hopkins University 1 人
  Cornell University 2 人
  Vanderbilt University 1 人
  Washington University in St. Louis 1 人
  University of California, Berkeley 6 人
  Emory University 4 人
  Carnegie Mellon University 7 人
  University of California, Los Angeles 14 人
  University of Southern California 5 人
  University of Virginia 11 人
  Wake Forest University 2 人
  University of Michigan 1 人
  Boston College 7 人
  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 4 人
  New York University 12 人
  University of Rochester 6 人
  Brandeis University 7 人
  College of William and Mary 7 人
  Georgia Institute of...




Virtue, Erudition, Creativity and Pragmatism is the school's motto. RDFZ aims to cultivate students not only with a solid well-rounded development, but also special skills, innovation, and morality. The mission statement of the school is “to respect individuality, discover and promote each student’s potential, and help them develop into solid citizens anxious to further the prosperity of our country and the advancement of humanity”.
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